Marma Chikitsa is an Ayurvedic practice of working with vital points to influence body function, release trauma, and open channels of awareness. Marma means any point on the body that is vulnerable or tender, but also indicates access to the body’s vital energy. Ayurveda recognizes about 107 therapeutic marma points. Most of them mark the meeting place of muscle, nerve, joint, bone, tendon, nerve, artery and/or veins. Some of these points are powerful enough to be classified as "instant-death causing marmas."  Dr. Vasant Lad calls marmas "doors to perception." Chikitsa means any method, system or technique that re-establishes balance between body, mind, emotions, and Being. Marma chikitsa involves use of physical touch, essential or herbal oils, and a special tuning fork in contact with specific points on the body. The intent is to relieve pain, reduce stress, balance emotions, awaken energy, strengthen, detoxify, and give insight into the present state of body organs and systems. Marma chikitsa is deeply relaxing and has immediate effects.  The practice can be applied through custom protocols designed to address specific concerns you may have, or as a general practice for cultivating health and balance.

Prana Sthana (life force stabilizing) is a subtle practice that soothes and facilitates emotional, mental and physical balance. Prana sthana includes gentle touch on the head, spine, and certain areas of the body along with use of a tuning fork which carries you deep into relaxation. It is especially recommended for use in recovery from travel, surgery, sudden change, or other trauma, as well as any time for deep relaxation.

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