Experience is a powerful Teacher. Experience Combined with Knowledge is the Best Teacher.

Are you committed to cultivating health?

Do you want to deepen knowledge and skills to support quality of life, self-awareness, and longevity?

Each PranaBeing Custom Ayurvedic Wellness Retreat is a unique, immersive experience tailored exactly to you.

We work together to co-create the retreat by determining the following parameters:

  • Venue/Environment - can be your own home or another location chosen deliberately to support your experiential focus

  • Length - from 4 hours - 7 days

  • Daily Schedule - we give a harmonizing container to our work using the Ayurvedic wisdom of circadian medicine, applied according to the nature and needs of all participants, stepping out of habitual modes and establishing a rhythm of health

  • Nourishment - we enjoy (and learn how to utilize) food and other inputs (sight, sound, touch, taste and aroma) to enliven our senses and nourish the soul

  • Knowledge/Information - you will have the option to request teachings from the Ayurvedic and Yogic wisdom traditions and engage in dialogue exploring the subject areas of your interest (possible themes/areas for exploration will be offered to spark your imagination)

  • Practices/Tools - we will choose practices to support your balance, offering a direct experience of integration…emphasizing deepening understanding so that you will know how and when to practice on your own

  • Individual Consultation - depending on the setting, focus, and group size, options for individual yoga therapy sessions, bodywork, and wellness assessments may be included

Returning to Harmony takes Practice.

The Custom Ayurvedic Wellness Retreat gives you the gift of experience that can be a touchstone and a turning point for your life.

returning to Health Takes Support.

Anything you want to do, someone else knows how to do it better. Find that person and ask them for help.
— Janie Hayes

Allow me to share the ongoing inspiration, exploration, and distillation of 20 years of study and practice with you; it’s my purpose.

Conscious living takes commitment.

Your Custom Ayurvedic Wellness Retreat is an investment you can leverage for long-term benefit.

Our time together concludes with reflective exercises and the opportunity to claim what you realize during this sacred time and clear your path forward by aligning your action with what you value most.

Contact me to begin our conversation.