Can you relate to any of these statements?

  • I enjoy a great quality of life...yet I often find myself on the edge with stress and overwhelm.

  • Externally, life is good, but internally I struggle to maintain balance and fall short of embodying real and lasting freedom, peace and ease.

  • I'm basically healthy, but I seem stuck with habits that don't serve me, as well as nagging imbalances that sometimes make me worry about my health.

  • I catch myself focusing on what's not working in my life more than what is.

  • I crave deeper connection.

  • I want to transcend the mental distractions and emotional baggage that hold me back from feeling good about myself and being sure of my decisions.

  • I am ready to make my personal drama subservient to fulfilling my potential to generate positive impact in my close relationships, in my community, and in the world.

  • I want to wake up to my purpose, embody my unique gifts, and know each day that I am living my life fully without regret.

You are in the right place.

Here you will understand how and why conflict is a formative element of the human condition and is inevitably built into everything we create. You will learn about the single block that keeps us from experiencing peace, clarity, creativity and loving connection--and you will learn through practice how to make the fundamental shift to systematically extricate yourself from suffering. As you wake up to who you are, the qualities of your true nature become reality in every area of your life, and you become an instrument of truth, consciousness and bliss.  

Welcome to the process of liberation through integration. I'm glad you're here. 


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