Total Well Being Digital Download


Total Well Being Digital Download


Enjoy this sleep-based meditation practice designed to activate your innate healing capacity by bringing you into the deepest state of balance and relaxation.

For Everyone - Beginner to Advanced

40 minutes

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Yoga nidra is sleep-based meditation. It is simple, easy to practice, and yields powerful results. The Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra is a system of practice that allows you to access and activate the innate wisdom and intelligence of your Being, beyond the limitations of body or mind.  This practice includes:

  • brief introduction to Yoga Nidra - 01:13
  • how to practice - 00:46
  • guided experience - 39:52

Induction techniques included in this meditation: tension and relaxation, palming the face, counted breath, 61 point body rotation, healing Light visualization, affirmations and intention for healing and Self realization.