The Path

You are a pranaBeing.

Prana (Sanskrit) - breath, life force, energy, spirit. All that we experience through the senses and the mind is energy. This was discovered by yogis more than 6,000 years ago and has most recently been validated by quantum physics. Prana reveals the cosmic, innate, primal intelligence of existence through its dynamic self-balancing interplay called polarity. Polarity is the basis for the function of the body, as well as for all experiential phenomena.

Being is awareness, consciousness, witnessing presence, soul, the part of you that simply IS. In yogic understanding, Being represents the fundamental unity that is the origin and destination, alpha and omega, the background or the container in which energy arises, changes, and resolves back to its source. 

Being is not something you believe; it's who you are.

The body and mind are extensions of Being. This means you are more than your body and mind. You have the potential to experience yourself not just as who you think you are (roles you take on, skills you cultivate, possessions you've acquired/lost, or what has happened in the course of your life journey), but as an individual expression of the greater whole. You have the capacity to sense the depth and vastness of Being, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

We have an animal body, a human mind, and a divine potential. Through choice, humans can function in harmony with the laws of nature, go against them, or go beyond them.
— Gurudev

We are born with a deep craving to invoke and express Being. But have you realized that fully at every level? Or do you find yourself inhibited by self-limiting concepts, traumatized by past wounds, distracted by fearful thoughts, or caught in the inertia of self-sabotaging behaviors? 

At this stage, our evolution requires conscious participation.

Yogic teachings articulate brilliantly how and why this suffering comes about and how we can (and must) transcend this condition in order to realize the next level of growth and development. Right now, you stand at the threshold of the most magnificent opportunity; that is: to wake up to the power of your own Self and actualize it through life expression. This has little to nothing to do with controlling your external circumstances, although your external circumstances are bound to be influenced by your shift in consciousness. It has more to do with learning about yourself, the various aspects of your being, how they interrelate, and how the "you" that functions in the world can become the instrument of the Self that you are, which is the very source of love, wisdom, and peace.

PranaBeing is living in flow.

PranaBeing is a state of awakened consciousness in which you experience yourself as energy - alive and connected. You may have entered this state during a time of ecstasy or intensity in your life, when your mind was overwhelmed, deeply focused, or deeply relaxed. You lost track of time. You lost track of yourself. You merged into the experience of the moment. People call this state "the zone" or "flow," and find it in so-called "peak experiences," where the utmost physical and mental capacities of human potential are revealed. The truth is, these glimpses are only scratching the surface of what we are capable of embodying.

You can learn to enter flow at will.

Rather than trying to make everything happen in life, it is possible to know and feel yourself as an unfolding expression of life itself. In this state, you transcend the limited perceptions of your individual personality and access impersonal witnessing presence, which reveals the process of life as it's happening through you, right now. This paradoxical experience of integration-in-action (termed Meditation in Motion by Yogi Amrit Desai) shatters all ideals and preconceived notions, carrying you into a moment-by-moment, spontaneous and deeply fulfilling experience of life.

PranaBeing is dynamic integration, where there is effort without struggle, action without conflict and authentic experience without analysis, interpretation, or justification. Beyond the struggle of doing and achieving, you discover the grace and power of presence. By realizing the truth of who you are through repeatable experience, you can begin to live in flow. 

The experience of these teachings brings liberation from unconscious compulsion and self-caused suffering.

It is possible to directly connect with and live from the power of presence by consciously connecting with life energy in your body. Although "spirit" and "soul" are familiar concepts, a systematic approach for the direct experience of spirit and soul, beyond belief or conjecture, is not widely known. By living from your Being, in harmony with the flow of life, you can transcend the limitations of body and mind and access capacities you don't even know you have. You can access your full potential to heal, to create, to serve, to love, and to be at peace with yourself as you are and the world as it is.

Don't lose another moment to habit, doubt or fear. Learn to embody your Self now.