Integrative Amrit Method (I AM) Body Psychology is a body-mind approach that will teach you the art of meeting and working at your edge. This work challenges you to initiate a conscious, healing relationship with yourself. It reveals the awe-inspiring intelligence of your body's wisdom and the unlimited capacity of your Being. With courage and sincere practice, you will:

  • Expand your capacity to feel

  • Remain mentally steady and at ease in the midst of intensity and new/unfamiliar experiences

  • Distinguish between an experience and your reactive perception of the experience…and learn how to dismantle your reaction in the moment

  • Discover your innate, vast capacity to remain at peace within yourself independent of what is happening in your body, mind, emotions, or outside

  • Let go of deeply held tensions and hard-wired resistance, allowing you to align with the flow of life, health, and your highest potential

Body Psychology uses supported and assisted postures combined with meditative breathing, integrative dialogue and awareness techniques to access and release blockages held at the subconscious level. These blockages shape your perception and affect your physical and mental function. This powerful practice can shift chronic pain, clear trauma, unlock new insights and understanding about challenges you are facing, and transform your relationship with yourself and your experience of life. Body Psychology sessions include a deep integration and/or Yoga Nidra and may also include work with intention and other tools to bring about body-mind harmony.

Courses offered periodically; one-on-one sessions available by appointment.

To learn more about I AM Yoga Therapy certification training, visit The Amrit Yoga Institute.

Learn more about the tools I use in practice:

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Integrative Amrit Method Yoga and Yoga Nidra